Why Interlaced

Does your approach to decisions leave you wondering if your single best answer is good enough to proceed?

Are you spending way too much time arguing about inputs rather than testing the outputs and consequences?

Is this beginning to limit your team’s ability to be agile, take responsibility and move ahead with confidence?

So Perhaps you think it’s time that your Strategies become data driven?

So we can temper them in a furnace fired by dynamic simulation and scenario analysis until they are suitable foils for the demands of an increasingly challenging volatile business environment. We are in the middle of the next evolutionary phase of the information age, characterised by an explosion of data, built on …

New collections of smart devices, interconnected networks with deep cheap storage, accelerating diverse process platforms, rapidly evolving analytics, deepening interpretative models, comprehensive simulation environments


Collect it, analyse it, interpret it, but most importantly, learn from it.

Data science technologies provide the pathways for extracting meaningful information out of emerging data.

This information, when served correctly, leads us to explore and discover truths, and myths, about real-world phenomena, be they single physical entity’s, complex processes, or networks of interdependent organisations. These discoveries will give you reliable insights allowing you to make tough decisions with confidence.

Data science provides methods to learn from data.

Interlaced provides data science

The distinction between success and failure can hinge on one or two seemingly simple decisions. Industry leaders face multiple decisions every day that have to be assessed and acted on, using limited data in tight time constraints.

Traditional decision making approaches can be frustrating –  being slow, require numerous sequential interactions between different stakeholder groups and only produce single ‘best’ result, that cannot be used to support the complex and often  nuanced requirements to make robust decisions.

Interlaced can  help by providing customised solutions to support your requirement to make confident decisions.

The approach is  underpinned by varying combinations of rigorous, data  analysis,  systems modelling and scenario based strategy evaluation.  Concise  clear output provides insights that you can use to proactively explore the consequences of your decisions. This foresight means you can select the pathway that has the highest probability of generating the outcomes you desire.

Our integrated and interactive multidisciplinary approach  allows your teams to interact more effectively, become more agile, responsive and focus on understanding what really matters. . Our services will be customized to your  unique situation, including:

Project Evaluation – Multiple views of value, Opportunity analyisis and decision making frameworks

– Data Acqusition strategy — sampling, validation, collections and analysis

-Modelling and Simulation — Ore body, Unit Procesesses and Wholistic and systematic value chain evaluation and assessment.

-Technical consulting

-Geo-metallurgical Sampling, Modelling and Opportunity identification

-Geo-metallurgy – Strategy design and Implementation Training

-Strategy and Decison Making –Scenario Thinking, Planning and Analysis